Monday, January 4, 2010

Hodges NSW APP A Right Wing Branch Of The Liberal Party?

On December 12, the Australian Protectionist Party (APP) invited a certain Mr. Michael Darby

to its new speaking club in Sydney. Darrin Hodges NSW spokesperson and Mark Wilson ex BNP and APP leader were there. Was Darby’s attendance a random thing? Not at all – because the APP leadership has long promoted as an “ally” the pool from which Mr. Darby springs. In fact I suggest this source pool may have spewed forward the APP.

The door has opened for the APP to move on as the Australians For Honest Politics chosen vehicle, the Clayton's Nationalist Party. The Nationalist Party you have when haven't got a Nationalist Party.

Michael Darby is no small player in Sydney’s shadow world. Expelled from the Liberal Party a year and a half ago for “breaches” of the party rules, Darby went straight over to Hodge's favorite Zionist Christian Party and Pal Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic Party (CDP) as the good reverend’s chief of staff. He is now going to integrate the CDP with the so-called “right-wing faction” of the Liberal Party directed by David Clarke.

Darby and Clarke have been close mates for 40 years when they were first in the conservative forum,
the Fifty Club, based in Kings Cross. They have co-operated a so-called conservative faction in the Liberal Party from that time right through until about 1991 when it dissolved. Its main bag was anti-communism and when the old Red Empire died about then, it had run out of steam. The faction went into hibernation until Tony Abbott (yes, Tony Abbott) revived it in August 1996 – one month before Pauline Hanson set off an explosion via a speech in Federal Parliament. In December 1996, the faction was up and going – and that was 4 months before Pauline actually set up One Nation. Is that planning or what? Then Tony disappeared and left the group to get on with it.

Mark Wilson APP Leader(Saxon)
knows all about them. When he was in Australia First, he discussed with other members the workings of this faction and how it played a vital function in putting up the barrier to Pauline Hanson bleeding away further Liberal Party support and to act later as the patriotic rope to pull them all back in once Pauline’s tide had ebbed.

What Are These Liberals??

The new conservative faction would promote itself as a family, Christian and free enterprise thing which was in favour of a strong alliance with the USA and which saw Israel as a pivotal reality for a new conservative world view. It waves the flag about and says it wants everyone to integrate into Australia as English speaking “citizens” who believe in these values. Perhaps this echoed its 1980’s spokesman Major Ashley-Riddell who used to say: “I believe in God, the Queen, the Judiciary and the Services”. He did. And his Vietnamese wife did too. It was what nationalists call a civic nationalist outfit and not an appetising one at that.

Because communism was dead by 1996 as a bogeyman to suck in patriots, a new bogeyman was needed. The faction adopted the neo-con position that saw Islamism as the number one enemy of Western Christian Democratic Civilisation. Anyone not willing to go a Waltzing Matilda with the neo-cons in Washington to attack every Moslem country etc. was some sort of goddam Muzzie-loving Israel-hating bad guy. Just like 30 years back: if someone questioned US motives, then he was a “commie”.

The faction has always been smart at what it did. When it was an anti communist thing, it would work with all sorts of folks. There was the Asian People’s Anti Communist League (APACL) which senior Liberal politicians supported as did Darby’s father, Douglas Darby MP. This later became the World Anti Communist League which was sponsored by Taiwan and South Korea. This group organized Captive Nations Weeks and Freedom Rallies which even Malcolm Fraser attended. It was a big happy family kicking the commo can. Yes, we know communism was bad, but were our allies and the cause of liberal capitalism better?? They have proven not to be!! So these Liberals were supporting the system? Obviously!

Douglas Darby met regularly with Asian communities in Australia and told them immigration from Taiwan should be increased. Try and think of the last time Hodges or anyone from APP spoke about Asian Immigration? A real and ever increasing problem. They spend more time attacking White Australians and labeling them NAZIs or Pro Islamic.

These Liberals were never big on White Australia. That was shown after 1976 when, despite some rhetoric dished up for the sucked-in-ones, they sponsored in through the voice of leading member Lyenko Urbanchich, anti-communists (??) from South Vietnam. These Viets were recruited into the Liberal Party.That was Michael’s position too and it was certainly always David Clarke’s position. In fact, David Clarke convinced Bob Clark of the great activist Immigration Control Association to shut down in 1975 – “because Malcolm Fraser will do it all”. They even held unity meetings in 1975 with every nationalist and anti immigration group known to convince them to support Fraser. It was a con job.

And Nazis Too

Interestingly, in the context of the APP’s ranting at nationalists that they are “Nazis”, the Liberal anti communists knew how to play with so-called Nazis. In 1966, Urbanchich actually chauffeured Nazi leader Arthur Smith to a rally being addressed by a so-called communist so he could assault him. John Howard of the Young Liberals cheered Smith on. In 1975, a campaign worker with Michael Darby’s team in Gough Whitlam’s seat privately paid the Nazis to appear at a rally addressed by Darby so he could condemn them – thus supposedly robbing Whitlam of some point or other stemming from Darby’s wide contacts with all sorts of loud anti communists. It probably didn’t really help. In 1979, someone close to David Clarke paid Nazis to paint slogans attacking a nationalist leader with the false allegation he was a “Duntroon poofta”.

Pretending they are extremists, even Nazis, is a game some of these Liberals will play if it leads to some group being integrated into their workings, neutered or used somehow. It’s a little like Darrin Hodges telling nationalists "I am Nazi". In fact, one of these Liberals told members of the Patriotic Youth League in 2004 that they were really a type of militant nationalist group and that they had the support of “someone who was in the SS”. These Liberals will say just about anything to advance themselves.

Darrin Gets In Touch

It’s pretty much well known that Darrin Hodges set up a parallel group inside Australia First in 2006. It wasn’t long before these Liberals and Darrin were in touch. When he held a meeting that Australia First wasn’t supposed to know about in early 2007, a meeting all about Islam, members of the Liberal Party turned up. It seems they were part of the group that tried to impose a Lebanese candidate for the Shire on the party in the 2007 poll. Members of Australian Christian Nation Association came (they were recently addressed in the Shire by David Clarke) and they stand openly for Israel and are Christian Zionists. Former members of the South Lebanon Army, a criminal mercenary group used by Israel, were there too. There was Jackie, Fred Nile’s secretary, a Jewish lady who converted over to Christianity, but still a fervent supporter of Israel. With all these folks, Hodges conducted innumerable meetings afterwards.

In other words, the secret meeting looked like what the David Clarke / Michael Darby Liberals look like. Except a mass of Assyrians (Christians) was missing!!!

Darrin Hodges accepted all this as part of building a great anti Muslim front. Clarke and Co will throw you a few anti Islamic bones in their press statements etc. and seek to get you in.

Basically, the Liberal ‘Right’ and the CDP are not in any way nationalists. They are high immigrationists. Nile wants to increase immigration massively. David Clarke wants masses of “Christians”. Darrin Hodges was told all that by Australia First in 2006-7 but obviously doesn’t care too much.

So what now? The APP will increasingly get together with the Liberal Right. Mainstream, here they come. Sooner or later, APP will tone down even the rhetoric about alien immigration, rant on further about striking down all who question Zionism and attack any nationalist group as outside the mainstream. Yet it will keep up just enough of the pretence to draw in people so they can get gelded and water down Australian White Nationalism.

Michael Darby will continue to do what he has dome for over 40 years. It’s just one big honey trap for all.


  1. Thats Darrin's mate.

  2. Michael Darby unsuccessfully challenged Robert Sparkes for the leadership of the Queensland Nationals, and who led the Forum into divisive debates about Peter Sawyer for whom he organized. Stood for Dobell in 2007.

    Dobell (Division Code:DOBE) Ballot Position Candidate Name Party Ballot Name Occupation

    1 ERVIN, Hadden Family First Vehicle Sales
    2 DARBY, Michael Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Contractor
    3 BIRD, Graeme LDP Shift Worker
    4 RICKARD, Scott The Greens Union Organiser
    5 HUGHES, Steve Citizens Electoral Council Engineer
    6 EATON, Doug Independent Solicitor
    7 THOMSON, Craig Labor Union Official
    8 TICEHURST, Ken Liberal Member Of Parliament

    Michael Darbys' father, Douglas, was a Freemason. (The Bulletin, August 1, 1978, p. 39)

    Michael Darby was an organiser for Peter Allan Sawyer / League of Rights who claimed 'Freemasons are part of NWO'.

    The Bulletin

    August 1, 1978. p. 39.

    Sydney’s idefatigable freedom-fighter, Douglas Darby, Liberal MLA for Manly,
    has suffered a diplomatic reverse at a Masonic dinner party in Taiwan.
    Darby blasted Australia’s Masonic leaders for not recognising Taiwan’s Grand Lodge of China,
    because there are no lodges beneath it on Communist China mainland.
    He was angry, he said, because official Masonry in Australia echoed the Australian Government,
    “which prefers to shake the bloodstained hands of communists rather than share the joys of freedom
    with Free Chinese.” It was aprons in the ring from then on. Reports the Australia-Free China News:
    “Dr Darby’s outburst promoted rebuke from all those present. A toast was then proposed to the
    United Grand Lodge of NSW in Brotherly Regard and Affection. Wor Bro Darby confessed that he
    had been humbled, and that the Masonic attitude should be that we are all brothers, even those who do not understand us.”